100 Methods for Total Quality Management

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Author(s): Kanji G, Asher M

From force field analysis to `zero defects', from `brainstorming' to the Deming Wheel, this volume meets the need for a short, accessible reference to the 100 most frequently adopted methods for implementing total quality management.Central to the book is a broad interpretation of TQM - the methods addressed are relevant to all those interested in using explicit tools, qualitative and quantitative, to assist problem-solving, analysis and evaluation in the management process.An introduction briefly outlines the basic principles of TQM. The bulk of the book then provides clear, concise outlines of the 100 methods, describing their purpose, application - `how to use' - and benefits, with examples. A classification of the methods is also provided, utilizing the broad schema's of: management methods, idea generation, data collection and analysis.100 Methods for Total Quality Management is an invaluable resource for practitioners, academics and students working in the areas of TQM, management science, team-working and problem-solving in organizations, and general management process and decision-making.

Collection: K-Economics / finance / business & management,

ISBN: 9780803977471

Paperback / softback

256 pages

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