100 Things

100 Things

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Terry, Sebastian

What's on your bucket list? For one man the answer was just the beginning.

Have you ever allowed yourself time to think about what's really important to you? Something you have always dreamed of doing?

In a moment of reflection after the loss of a friend, Sebastian Terry's answer is a list of 100 things, the things he's always wanted to do.

Sebastian embarks on an incredible adventure which sees him Get Shot in Colombia, Crash the Red Carpet at the Cannes Film Festival and Cycle Through Cuba - all in an effort to ensure he lives a life without regrets. Now more than halfway through his list, Sebastian has realised that his journey is part of something so much bigger . . . 100 Things is a humorous, action-packed story for anyone who's ever dreamed about living every day like it was their last.

ISBN: 9781742751535

336 pages

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