Communities of Play: Emergent Cultures in Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds

Communities of Play: Emergent Cultures in Multiplayer Games and Virtual Worlds

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Author(s): Celia Pearce

Play communities existed long before massively multiplayer online games; they have ranged from bridge clubs to Civil War reenactments. With the emergence of digital networks, however, new varieties of adult play communities have appeared, most notably within online games and virtual worlds. Players in these networked worlds sometimes develop a sense of community that transcends the game itself. In Communities of Play, game researcher and designer Celia Pearce explores emergent fan cultures in networked digital worlds--actions by players that do not coincide with the intentions of the game's designers.Pearce looks in particular at the Uru Diaspora--a group of players whose game, Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, closed. These players (primarily baby boomers) immigrated into other worlds, self-identifying as ?refugees; relocated in, they created a hybrid culture integrating aspects of their old world. Ostracized at first, they became community leaders.Pearce considers the ?play turn in culture and the advent of a participatory global playground enabled by networked digital games every bit as communal as the global village Marshall McLuhan saw united by television. Countering the ludological definition of play as unproductive and pointing to the long history of predigital play practices, Pearce argues that play can be a prelude to creativity.

Collection: UG-Graphical & digital media applications,

ISBN: 9780262516730

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344 pages

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