3 Brides For 3 Bad Boys

3 Brides For 3 Bad Boys

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Monroe, Lucy

Say "I Do"...to everything...

They're not the marrying kind - more the Do NOT Take Home to Mom kind. But these three brothers are about to meet the tempting women who have what it takes to tame their inner bad boys...

After tragedy struck six years ago, Rand buried what was left of his heart. But Phoebe Garrison isn't giving up, and she's got an enticing deal- the coveted deed to property his company needs in exchange for one hot week in her bed. It's an offer even the brooding Rand can't refuse. Now, as every hunger is explored, every secret revealed, Rand knows he'll need more than one week to indulge his fantasies with this amazing woman...

Waking up in Vegas next to a naked showgirl named Fayre after a scorching night of passion puts a smile on Colton Denning's face-until he discovers she's his new wife. How could the stable, workaholic Colton have married such an unpredictable force of nature, a woman as likely to throw pottery as a kiss? But when it comes to tender love-and erotic war-Colton's discovering that all is Fayre...

As marriage proposals go, Carter's offer to Daisy Jackson lacks romance- Marry me and I'll give you a half-a-million dollars. To fulfil the requirements of his father's lucrative will, he needs a wife, and Daisy needs the money. But after a wedding night of absolutely explosive sensuality, Carter wants more than an arrangement.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780758208637

352 pages

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