Zombicide: Invader - Tile Set

Zombicide: Invader - Tile Set

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The Tiles Set for Zombicide: Invader gives players new options when creating custom scenarios. It has the nine double-sided tiles from the Zombicide: Invader core box, as well as the three double-sided tiles from the Black Ops expansion. These 12 tiles allow players to create truly epic scenarios or use both sides of a particular tile when creating missions.

-Includes 12 double-sided tiles from the Invader Core Set as well as the Black Ops set.

-The tiles are made from thick card stock, ready to take on the toughest alien invasions.

-Players can create truly epic maps when combined with the other tiles from Zombicide: Invader.

-This is an expansion. A copy of Zombicide Invader is needed to play

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