Acoustic Phonetics

Acoustic Phonetics

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Kenneth Stevens

'Whenever anybody--linguist, speech pathologist, or communication engineer--wants to know why the acoustic structure of a particular sound is as it is, this is the book to which they will turn. There is absolutely no other book with anything like this depth of coverage.' -- Peter Ladefoged, Professor of Phonetics, University of California, Los Angeles This long-awaited work presents a theory of speech-sound generation in the human vocal system. The comprehensive acoustic theory serves as one basis for defining categories of speech sounds used to form distinctions between words in languages. The author begins with a review of the anatomy and physiology of speech production, then covers source mechanisms, the vocal tract as an acoustic filter, relevant aspects of auditory psychophysics and physiology, and phonological representations. In the remaining chapters he presents a detailed examination of vowels, consonants, and the influence of context on speech sound production. Although he focuses mainly on the sounds of English, he touches briefly on sounds in other languages.

ISBN: 9780262692502

624 pages

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