Meanings of Life

Meanings of Life

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Author(s): Roy F Baumeister

In this extraordinary book, an eminent social scientist looks at the big picture and explores what empirical studies from diverse fields tell us about the human condition. Meanings of Life draws together evidence from psychology, history, anthropology, and sociology, integrating copious research findings into a clear and conclusive discussion of how people attempt to make sense of their lives. In a lively and accessible style, emphasizing facts over theories, Baumeister explores why people desire meaning in their lives, how these meanings function, what forms they take, and what happens when life loses meaning. It is the most comprehensive examination of the topic to date. 'A scholarly and intriguing review of research and thought on finding meaningfulness in life. Laypeople and psychologists alike will find it a fascinating read.' --- Contemporary Psychology 'Roy Baumeister writes conceptually exact, richly factual, and continuously delightful books on deep subjects, and this is his best.' --- Roger Brown, PhD AUDIENCE: Accessible to broad audiences while preserving the care and rigor of scholarly argument. Useful to social scientists in all disciplines, as will anyone interested in the basic questions of human nature, modern life, and the human condition cOURSE USE: Teachers of interdisciplinary courses will find it illuminating and useful.

Collection: VS-Self-help & personal development,

ISBN: 9780898625318

Paperback / softback

426 pages

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