A Game of Chance

A Game of Chance

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Osborne, Jon

A criminal mastermind is carrying out a deadly game of murder on the streets of New York. Following the rules of chess he moves his victims around the city, leaving his sinister calling cards at each blood-soaked crime scene. But as the body count mounts, the New York police force are no nearer to catching this sadistic killer. And expert profiler, FBI Special Agent Dana Whitestone, is brought in to help. Still bruised from her encounter with The Cleveland Slasher, Dana soon becomes embroiled in a macabre game of cat and mouse as she tries to hunt down this highly intelligent but utterly ruthless murderer before he claims his next victim. Until she discovers she is up against not one killer, but two and all hell breaks loose...

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780099550891

416 pages

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