New Kobbe's Opera Book,The

New Kobbe's Opera Book,The

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Harwood, Earl of

KOBBE'S COMPLETE OPERA BOOK has been the opera-lover's bible from its first appearance in its seventy-fifth year, it has been subjected to the most thorough revision in its history. THE NEW KOBBE'S OPERA BOOK has been redesigned and extended, numerous existing entries have been completely rewritten, and the book now incorporates some 200 new operas. The total number of works covered is now nearly 500, including important new works like John Adams' NIXON IN CHINA, Harrison Birtwistle's GAWAIN and Thomas Ades's POWDER HER FACE, and a number of half-forgotten works that are now undergoing revival. 46 new composers are featured. Lord Harewood's strongly individual commentaries, together with his unparalleled knowledge of and enthusiasm for opera, are complemented by substantial contributions from his co-editor Antony Peattie. The NEW KOBBE is a guide in volume to virtually every opera the reader is likely to come across.


ISBN: 9780091814106

1032 pages

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