Scoring At Half-Time

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Best, George

Michael Parkinson- 'What was the nearest to kick-off that you made love to a woman?'George Best- 'Er- I think it was half- time actually' George Best was the first celebrity footballer and to many the greatest British player ever. In SCORING AT HALF-TIME he gathers together his favourite memories, stories and anecdotes from his experiences in and out of the game over the last forty years. No dressing room door is left unopened, no player's bar tale untold and no secret kept in this fond, humorous look at football's golden era from the man who was usually there when it happened. Inside stories and lurid tales about George, Bobby, Denis, Nobby and Fergie amongst others. SCORING AT HALF-TIME will delight anyone who has ever wanted to spend time in the company of the footballing legend.

ISBN: 9780091890346

336 pages

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