Feel The Fear Guide To... Lasting Love

Feel The Fear Guide To... Lasting Love

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Jeffers, Susan

In Susan Jeffers' international bestseller FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY, millions of people discovered many empowering ways to push through their fear of moving forward in life. In THE FEEL THE FEAR GUIDE TO LASTING LOVE the author now provides the insights and tools necessary for making lasting love a reality instead of an unfulfilled dream.This unique and unusual book is filled with stories, exercises, humour and great wisdom. You will learn how to deal with many common relationship issues including- Communication; Trust; Sex, Changing Times; Children; Money; Inlaws; Compatibility; Appreciation... and so much more.You will find inspiration whether you are-* Not in a relationship and asking what you're doing wrong* In a lacklustre relationship and hoping to create more closeness and caring* Thinking of ending your relationship and wondering if you can save it* In a happy relationship and wanting to make it even better* A relationship counsellor looking for new insights.This remarkable book will bring you the confidence and skills to create a love that can last.

ISBN: 9780091900243

256 pages

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