Brung Up Proper

Brung Up Proper

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Manford, Jason

Jason Manford is the latest star in a long line of classic northern observational comics and has now established himself as one of the country's favourite stand-ups. His career began one night in a pub in Chorlton when a comedian didn't arrive for his set and Jason, the 17-year-old glass collector, said 'I'll have go' and stepped in to fill the gap. From that point on he's never looked back, until now that is...This is the story in his own words of everything that lead up to that fateful moment - a colourful tale of growing up with lots of family and not enough money, of getting by and sticking together. It is a story of his 'Shameless' extended clan of wayward uncles and singing nans yes nans, not nuns and a gobby little knobhead at the heart of it all called Jason. We follow his progress from wannabe junior Alan Sugar with 4 paper rounds , to apprentice Man City fan where he learns the art of swearing , to his various trials as a failed young romantic that culminate in the glamour of being dumped at McDonalds.Find out how returning home from school bloodied and 3 hours late was the best day of his life; how he copes when Christmas chez Manford is cancelled; how he recovers from his mother announcing in a public place that he's grown pubes; and how he survives when being pursued by a violent psychopath who can run faster than the van he's in.Bonus material- The book includes exotic trips to both Liverpool and Kidderminster.

ISBN: 9780091939069

336 pages

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