27 Powers of Persuasion

27 Powers of Persuasion

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Hilaire, Chris St.

You can persuade anyone to do or think just about anything...Award-winning message strategist Chris St. Hilaire shares his 27 powerful strategies to help you become the master of communication and persuasion. Thought-provoking and refreshingly simple, he shows that by making some subtle changes to how you listen and communicate, you can easily bring others round to your point of view. Learn how to- Win people over who disagree or are indifferent Steer conversations with silence and touch Use information to strengthen your point Deal effectively with opposition and bad ideasWhether you want to get someone to hire you, convince a room of sceptics or become a better manager, 27 Powers of Persuasion will help you win people over, influence others and get the results you need.

ISBN: 9780091939649

240 pages

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