Big Bangs

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Goodall, Howard

Looking back down the corridor of a thousand years, Howard Goodall guides us through the stories of five seismic developments in the history of Western music. His 'big bangs' may not be the ones we expect - some are surprising and some are so obvious that we overlook them - but all have had an extraordinary impact.Goodall starts with the invention of notation by an 11th century Italian monk, which removed the creation of music from the hands of players to the pens of composers; moves on to the first opera; then to the invention of the piano, and ends with the story of the first recording made in history.BIG BANGS opens a window on the crucial moments in our musical culture - discoveries that made possible everything from Bach to The Beatles - and tells us a riveting story of a millenium of endeavour.

ISBN: 9780099283546

256 pages

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