Give Us This Day

Give Us This Day

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Tulloch, Jonathan

Tom Carey is a priest in crisis. God's good world has curdled and the Church is beset by scandal. Increasingly, he is haunted by the face of a woman he once secretly loved.Abandoning his comfortable parish he buries himself in the post of Port Chaplain on a busy river, but soon finds himself caught up in the murky world of international people-smuggling. The alluring but sinister Captain Cargo and his beleaguered Filipino crew seem intent on forcing him into a radical expression of his priesthood, but a chance encounter with the woman he has not seen for thirty years throws his vocation and faith into question.Part love story, part thriller, GIVE US THIS DAY is a compelling tale of love and faith and the risks of intimacy. A novel in the tradition of Graham Greene, GIVE US THIS DAY is above all a poignant study of what it is to be human.

ISBN: 9780099422150

288 pages

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