Burning Blue

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Holland, James

Nothing can prepare a squadron of fighter pilots, trained in the English countryside, for the rigours of the desert- Joss Lambert has always been a loner, constrained by a secret from his past, until he finds friendship and solace firstly with Guy Liddell, a friend from school, and then with Guy's family, who welcome him into their farmhouse home. Joss increasingly comes to depend upon the Liddells and treats Alvesdon Farm as the one place where he feels not only appreciated but also truly happy. The idyll cannot last. With war looming, Joss is forced to confront his past. He escapes through flying, becoming a fighter pilot in the RAF. But with the onset of war, even the Liddells's world is crumbling. As Joss is fighting for his life in the Battle of Britain, so he begins to fall madly in love with Stella- Guy's twin- and in doing so, loses Guy's precious friendship. Leaving England and the Liddells far behind, he continues to fly amid the sand and heat of North Africa, until his hopes and dreams are seemingly shattered for good- From the green fields of Wiltshire and the serene beauty of Cambridge, to the fierce African skies, THE BURNING BLUE is a spectacular epic saga of one man's search for love and identity against the vivid backdrop of the Battle of Britain.

ISBN: 9780099436478

544 pages

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