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McDonough, Jimmy

Neil Young is one of rock and roll's most important, influential and enigmatic fignres, an intensely reticent artist who has granted no writer access to his inner sancturn -until now. SHAKEY is the whole story of Young's incredible life and career- from his childhood in Canada to the founding of folk-rock pioneers Bnffalo Springfield; the bleary conglomeration of Crazy Horse and the monstrous success of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; to the depths of the Tonight's the Night depravity and the Geffen years; and Young's unprecedented nineties 'comeback'.SHAKEY (the title refers to one of Young's many aliases) is also the compelling human story of a lonely kid for whom music was the only outlet, a driven yet tortured figure who controlled his epilepsy via 'mind over matter', an oddly passionate model train mogul who, inspired by his own son's struggle with cerebral palsy, became a major activist in the quest to help those with the condition.This long-awaited, unprecedented story of a rock 'n' roll legend is uniquely told through the interwoven voices of McDonough -biographer, critic, historian, obsessive fan -and the ever-cantankerous (but slyly funny) Young himself.

ISBN: 9780099443582

816 pages

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