Cressida's Bed

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Barry, Desmond

Dr Christina Devenish, Suffragist and Theosophist, is running abirth control clinic in Bombay in 1931. When the clinic is burntdown in an independence riot, her father invites her to visit him inBhutan, where he is an advisor at the court of the Shabdrung,Bhutan's version of the Dalai Lama.Arriving in Calcutta, Christina joins a British expedition to Bhutanled by Major Owen Davies, a tough Political Officer. Davies has thecoven brief to resolve, even by 'drastic action', the rivalry betweenthe Shabdrung and the Maharaja, Bhutan's temporal ruler.Christina's father is deeply embroiled in the Great Game- and forDavies, he's on the wrong side. As Christina and Owen Daviesjourney toward the Himalayas, they begin a hungry love affair,knowing that other loyalties will soon intrude; and when Christinameets the Shabdrung, the young god-king's effect on her leads to adevastating final act.

ISBN: 9780099471967

304 pages

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