Jacob's Room

Jacob's Room

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Woolf, Virginia

Jacob's Room is Virgina Woolf's first truly experimental novel. It is a portrait of a young man, who is both representative and victim of the social values which led Edwardian society into war. Jacob's life is traced from childhood, life at Cambridge University to his early adult life in artistic London. Jacob consistently yearns for something greater and, in an attempt to resuscitate his love of the classics, he embarks on a voyage to the Mediterranean before the begins and his fate is forever altered. In 1922 E. M. Forster wrote of Jacob's Room, 'amazing-a new type of fiction has swum into view'. Impressionistic in style, experimental in approach, this narrative is as inspired now as it was when it first appeared.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780099478263

208 pages

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