Becoming Drusilla

Becoming Drusilla

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Beard, Richard

For years Richard Beard would take spontaneous holidays with his motor-cycling friend Drew. They would spend a few days walking, camping, cycling, canoeing - outdoor, manly fun - before returning to everyday life- wives, children, jobs. Richard was writing novels. Drew was working in the engine-room of cross-channel passenger ferries. Then one year Drew phoned to announce a complication- he was planning to have a sex change.This is the story of how Drew became Dru, of a friendship, of a fortnight's walking holiday after Dru's operation. And of how what we think we know about ourselves, our friends, and our families can turn out to be very, very wide of the mark. It's about secrets and preconceptions and confronting prejudices you didn't know you had.Becoming Drusilla is by turns warm, sad, funny but always human; it holds up a mirror to the extraordinary in outwardly ordinary lives.

ISBN: 9780099507734

320 pages

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