American Adulterer

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Mercurio, Jed

A breath-taking, original and compelling novel based on the private life of JFK, from the BAFTA award-winning creator of Bodyguard and Line of Duty 'A novel of our times- shameless and prurient, detached and salacious' ObserverJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy is the 35th President of the United States, and a serial womaniser. An American man for the modern age- Kennedy is handsome, charming, a beaming paragon of worldly virtue. But beneath the slick veneer of a confident statesman he harbours a vice that will threaten his family, his fortune and even his country. Empathetic, darkly witty and deft, Jed Mercurio's American Adulterer shines a novelist's spotlight on the world's most powerful, and corrupting institution- the American Presidency.

ISBN: 9780099515876

368 pages

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