In the Rooms

In the Rooms

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Shone, Tom

"You meet everyone in the rooms nglish literary agent Patrick Miller came to New York dreaming of joining the big league, only to find himself selling celebrity dog books. But when he spots the legendary novelist Douglas Kelsey on the street and follows him into an AA meeting, a world of opportunity beckons. Patrick enters a den of sex addicts, junkies and pill-poppers, all rubbing shoulders with the reclusive Kelsey. Who knew that sobriety offered such networking possibilities? Or that the women would be so attractive? There s only one small problem. Patrick doesn t have a problem not with alcohol, nor with drugs, just with that little thing they call the truth. As everyone is beginning to find out Part Nick Hornby, part Jay McInerney, with a dash of vermouth, In the Rooms is a warm, sharply observed comedy about sex, lies and second chances."

ISBN: 9780099534068

336 pages

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