Tell-Tale Brain

Tell-Tale Brain

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Ramachandran, V. S.

John, aged sixty, suffered a stroke and recovered fully, except in one respect- although he can see perfectly, he can no longer recognise faces, even his own reflection in a mirror.

Whenever Francesca touches a particular texture, she experiences a vivid emotion- denim = extreme sadness; wax = embarrassment; orange peel = shock.

Jimmie, whose left arm was recently amputated, can still feel it - and it's itchy.

Our brains are the most enchanting and complex things in the known universe - but what happens when they go wrong? Dr V. S. Ramachandran, 'the Sherlock Holmes of brain science' and one of the world's leading neuroscientists, has spent a lifetime working with patients who suffer from rare and baffling brain conditions. In The Tell-Tale Brain, he tells their stories, and explores what they reveal about the greatest mystery of them all- how our minds work, and what makes each of us so uniquely human.

ISBN: 9780099537595

384 pages

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