Chamber Music

Chamber Music

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Benn, Tom

It's Manchester, 1998, and the funeral party for Henry Bane's father is interrupted by a woman from Bane's past. R isin is back in his life after an eight-year absence, inconvenient for Jan, his latest flame. R isin has brought a wounded boyfriend with her - and a lot more trouble is following them up north.

Meanwhile, a Yardie who goes by the name of 'Hagfish' wants to take over the local ganglords' territory with Mary, his terrifying weapon of choice. It's Hagfish against Bane in a new turf war- a war that will claim lives and cement vendettas. It's a conflict steeped in half-forgotten history- a history that Bane and R isin are forever tied to - and which ties them together.

ISBN: 9780099554073

336 pages

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