Dark Heart

Dark Heart

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Davies, Nick

This all began quite unexpectedly one rainy autumn evening a couple of years in a fairground near to the centre of Nottingham. . . `In amongst the bright lights and bumper cars, Nick Davies noticed two boys, no more than twelve years old, oddly detached from the fun of the scene. Davies discovered they were part of a network of chidren selling themselves on the streets of the city, running a nightly gaunlet of dangers-pimps, punters, the Vice Squad, disease, drugs. This propelled Davies into a journey of discovery through the slums and ghettoes of our cities. He found himself in crack houses and brothels, he be-friended street gangs and drug dealers Nick Davies`s journey into the hidden realm is powerful, disturbing and impressive, and is bound to rouse controversy and demands for change. Davies unravels threads of Britain`s social fabric as he travels deeper and deeper into the country of poverty , towards the dark heart of British society.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780099583011

320 pages

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