Blind Justice

Blind Justice

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Deacon Munroe is not your average investigator. He's intelligent, cultured, well-connected.
And totally blind.

Washington DC is Munroe's city. Now it's a city shaken to the core by the death of a high-ranking general and his wife. All the evidence suggests that the general killed his wife, before taking his own life.

Deacon Munroe does not trust what other people see - only what he knows is true.

What Munroe soon knows is that the general's death is part of a far greater plan, a sophisticated and brutal plot to kill thousands of innocent people, including those closest to Munroe himself.

But with only a small team at his aid, and just hours to stop a devastating attack on the city, can Munroe unearth the truth in time to bring justice to the city?

'Read it in one sitting - with all the lights on' - Sun

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780099588375

384 pages

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