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Tesich, Steve

Saul Karoo thinks. But understanding eludes. He lusts. And sometimes with success. He drinks. But he cannot get drunk. Karoo is a professional fixer of other people's scripts and, by his own acknowledgement, he ruins them all.

Calamity and comedy follows shambolic Saul Karoo as his life breaks down. But he is not without resources, namely his wit, his ex-wife, and his irrepressible soul, which in its own way in reminiscent of another bighearted broken man of literature- Saul Bellow's Herzog. Finally, he is a man prone to luck both good and bad, and when a young woman with a strange connection to his past shows up, the plot of his own life comes into sharp focus. Karoo is a haunting, highly human, deliciously realistic novel of decline, fall and rejuvenation.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780099777915

464 pages

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