One Handed Cooks: Boosting Your Basics

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Gaunt, Allie

The bestselling One Handed Cooks are back, showing you how to boost the nutrition and flavour of favourite family meals - with over 100 simple, healthy recipes and countless practical tips to provide your child with a lifelong positive relationship with food.

Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner - or maybe the much-loved snacks and sweets in between - every meal is an opportunity to introduce children to the joy of eating, help them discover new tastes and textures, and boost their nutritional intake.

Following on from their highly successful debut cookbook, the hugely popular One Handed Cooks have created this new collection of recipes and mealtime advice to provide inspiration and ideas for family-friendly food that's healthy, simple to prepare and packed full of flavour. Alongside easily adaptable meals, satisfying vegetarian options, brilliant ideas for lunchboxes and much more, you'll find helpful solutions to tackling the most challenging fussy eating behaviours while ensuring your child gets the nourishment they need.

In this new book, you'll discover how to-
- Introduce solids, textured meals and finger foods to babies in ways that encourage mindful eating and food acceptance
- Make every meal count by maximising the nutritional content of favourite home-cooked meals, snacks and sweet foods using easy swaps and additions, to support your child's growth and development
- Manage and move on from common fussy eating behaviours, including food jags and food refusal
- Create happy family mealtimes that nurture positive associations with food
- Use daily structure, mealtime routines and pre-meal sensory-based activities to reduce anxiety around eating and instead encourage discovery and enjoyment
- Adapt a single meal to suit the whole family - baby, toddler and adult
- Cater to common allergies and intolerances (such as dairy, gluten and wheat) with simple substitutions that don't compromise on nutrition.

ISBN: 9780143790181

272 pages Paperback or Softback

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