Baboon Mothers and Infants

Baboon Mothers and Infants

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Author(s): Jeanne Altmann

When it was originally released in 1980, Jeanne Altmann's book transformed the study of maternal primate relationships by focusing on motherhood and infancy within a complex ecological and sociological context. Available again with a new foreword by the author, Baboon Mothers and Infants is a classic book that has been, in its own right, a mother to a generation of influential research and will no doubt provide further inspiration.''A landmark. . . . [Altmann] not only indicates how ecological and social pressures mold mothering styles but significantly deepens our appreciation of the complexity of baboon social organization.''--Science ''Simple but elegant. . . . [I]t is astonishing that so much information has been packed into a relatively small volume with no detriment to its readability. . . . [L]ucidly written and beautifully illustrated.''--Nancy Nicolson, American Journal of Primatology''One of the fist serious attempts to portray the . . . relationships among mothers, infants and the social group of which they form such a fundamental part.''--John M. Deag, Nature''The single best account of a primate field project available so far. . . . The book is clearly written . . . [and has] a vitality not usually to be found in a scientific work of this kind.''--Times Higher Education Supplement

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ISBN: 9780226016078

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272 pages

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