Collected Letters of a Renaissance Feminist

Collected Letters of a Renaissance Feminist

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Author(s): Laura Cereta

Renaissance writer Laura Cereta (-) presents feminist issues in a predominantly male venue the humanist autobiography in the form of personal letters. Cereta's works circulated widely in Italy during the early modern era, but her complete letters have never before been published in English. In her public lectures and essays, Cereta explores the history of women's contributions to the intellectual and political life of Europe. She argues against the slavery of women in marriage and for the rights of women to higher education, the same issues that have occupied feminist thinkers of later centuries. Yet these letters also furnish a detailed portrait of an early modern woman's private experience, for Cereta addressed many letters to a close circle of family and friends, discussing highly personal concerns such as her difficult relationships with her mother and her husband. Taken together, these letters are a testament both to an individual woman and to enduring feminist concerns.

Collection: B-Biography & True Stories,

ISBN: 9780226100135

Paperback / softback

244 pages

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