China's Gentry: Essays on Rural-Urban Relations (POD)

China's Gentry: Essays on Rural-Urban Relations (POD)

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Author(s): Hsiao-tung Fei

These seven essays on the structure of Chinese society are based on articles contributed by Fei to Chinese newspapers in and . Six case histories from a study of the gentry by Yung-teh Chow are appended. ''The chief interest and charm of this book lie in the fact that it is not directed to the Western reader; these were studies written in Chinese, by an erudite Chinese, for a Chinese public. . . . Mrs. Redfield is to be complimented for her own careful research in preparing this translation for a non-Chinese public.''?Robert F. Spencer, American Anthropologist

Collection: JFSL3-Black & Asian studies,

ISBN: 9780226239576

Paperback / softback

296 pages

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