Colored Property: State Policy and White Racial Politics in Suburban America

Colored Property: State Policy and White Racial Politics in Suburban America

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David M P Freund

In Colored Property, David M. P. Freund shows how federal intervention spurred a dramatic shift in the language and logic of racial integration in residential neighborhoods after World War II— away from invocations of a mythical racial hierarchy and toward talk of markets, property, and citizenship.Freund traces the emergence of a powerful public-private alliance that facilitated postwar suburban growth across the nation with federal programs that significantly favored whites. Then, showing how this national story played out in metropolitan Detroit, he demonstrates how whites learned to view discrimination not as an act of racism but as a legitimate response to the needs of the market. Illuminating government's powerful yet still-hidden role in the segregation of U.S. cities, Colored Property presents a dramatic new vision of metropolitan growth, segregation, and white identity in modern America. “A creative, vital entry point to explore the tangle of federal mortgage financing, housing reform, and deepseated racism. . . . This well-written, much-needed study brings together the realms of urban history, race relations, and economic opportunity.—Choice“Freund's book unravels the ties that bound (and bind) race and property, and, in the process, shows how that linkage altered white racial ideals and politics in postwar America.—Andrew Wiese, Journal of American History

ISBN: 9780226262765

526 pages

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