Architecture, Means and Ends

Architecture, Means and Ends

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Author(s): Vittorio Gregotti

Vittorio Gregotti?the architect of Barcelona's Olympic Stadium, Milan's Arcimboldi Opera Theater, and Lisbon's Centro Cultural de Belém, among many other noted constructions?is not only a designer of international repute but an acclaimed theorist and critic. Architecture, Means and Ends is his practical and imaginative reflection on the role of the technical aspects of architectural design, both as part of the larger process of innovation and in relation to the mythic opposition between vision and construction.Interweaving the seemingly irreconcilable concerns of aesthetics, meaning, and construction, Architecture, Means and Ends reflects Gregotti's overarching claim that buildings always have a symbolic, cultural content. In this book, he argues that by making symbolic expression a primary objective in the design of a project, the designer will produce a practical aesthetic as well as an ethical solution. Architecture, Means and Ends embraces that philosophy and will appeal to those, like Gregotti, working at the intersections of the history of design, art criticism, and architectural theory.

Collection: AM-Architecture,

ISBN: 9780226307589


144 pages

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