Aged by Culture

Aged by Culture

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Author(s): Margaret Morganroth Gullette

Americans enjoy longer lives and better health, yet we are becoming increasingly obsessed with trying to stay young. What drives the fear of turning , the boom in anti-aging products, the war between the generations? What men and women of all ages have in common is that we are being aggressively aged by culture. In this brilliant, compassionate book, Margaret Morganroth Gullette reveals that aging doesn't start in our chromosomes, but in midlife downsizing, the erosion of workplace seniority, threats to Social Security, and media portrayals of ''aging Xers'' and ''greedy'' Baby Boomers. To combat the growing forces peddling aging as a decline, Gullette shows us how our society needs to be changed. We can take back control of our images and craft richer progress narratives about our bodies and our selfhood. Part intimate autobiography, part ground-breaking cultural commentary, this book does for the field of age what gender and race studies have been doing for their categories. Aged by Culture is a passionate manifesto against the pernicious ideologies that steal the hope from every stage of our lives.

Collection: JFC-Cultural studies,

ISBN: 9780226310626

Paperback / softback

280 pages

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