Aristotle""s ""Poetics"" 2

Aristotle""s ""Poetics"" 2

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Author(s): Stephen Halliwell

This interpretation of Aristotle's ''Poetics'' seeks to demonstrate that it is a coherent statement of a challenging theory of poetic art and that it hints towards a theory of mimetic art in general. Assessing this theory against the background of earlier Greek views on poetry and art, particularly Plato's, Stephen Halliwell sets Aristotle's ideas in the wider context of his philosophical system. The core of the book is an appraisal of Aristotle's view of tragic drama, in which Halliwell contends that at the heart of the ''Poetics'' lies a philosophical urge to instill a secularized understanding of Greek tragedy.

Collection: D-Literature & literary studies,

ISBN: 9780226313948

Paperback / softback

384 pages

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