Ascetic Imperative in Culture and Criticism

Ascetic Imperative in Culture and Criticism

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Author(s): Geoffrey Galt Harpham

In this bold interdisciplinary work, Geoffrey Galt Harpham argues that asceticism has played a major role in shaping Western ideas of the body, writing, ethics, and aesthetics. He suggests that we consider the ascetic as 'the 'cultural' element in culture,' and presents a close analysis of works by Athanasius, Augustine, Matthias, Gruuml;newald, Nietzsche, Foucault, and other thinkers as proof of the extent of asceticism's resources. Harpham demonstrates the usefulness of his findings by deriving from asceticism a 'discourse of resistance,' a code of interpretation ultimately more generous and humane than those currently available to us.

Collection: DS-Literature: history & criticism,

ISBN: 9780226316925

Paperback / softback

344 pages

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