Billy Budd, Sailor

Billy Budd, Sailor

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Author(s): Herman Melville

Hayford and Sealts`s text was the first accurate version of Melville`s final novel. Based on a close analysis of the manuscript, thoroughly annotated, and packaged with a history of the text and perspectives for its criticism, this edition will remain the definitive version of a profoundly suggestive story. ''The texts are impeccably accurate. . . . The collection is accompanied by an unobtrusive but expert annotation. . . . Probably Melville's finest short work, the incomplete 'Billy Budd,' (is) a striking reworking of the crucifixion set in the English maritime service of the Revolutionary period.''--John Sutherland, The Los Angeles Times

Collection: D-Literature & literary studies,

ISBN: 9780226321325

Paperback / softback

230 pages

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