American Immigration

American Immigration

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Author(s): Maldwyn Allen Jones

Immigration, writes Maldwyn Allen Jones, was America's historic raison d'ecirc;tre. Reminding us that the history of immigration to the United States is also the history of emigration from somewhere else, Mr. Jones considers the forces that uprooted emigrants from their homes in different parts of the world and analyzes the social, economic, and psychological adjustments that American life demanded of them# and adjustments essentially the same for the Jamestown settlers and for Vietnamese refugees. As well as measuring the impact of America on the lives of the sixty million or so immigrants who have arrived since , he assesses their role in industrialization, the westward movement, labor organization, politics, foreign policy, the growth of American nationalism, and the theory and practice of democracy. In this new edition, Jones brings his history of immigration to the United States up to . His new chapter covers the major changes in immigration patterns caused by changes in legislation, such as the Immigration and Nationality Act of . 'It is done with a grasp of regional, chronological, national and racial information, plus that 'feel' for the situation which can come only from the vast resources and a gift for interpretation.'# and A. T. DeGroot, Christian Century 'A scholarly contribution, based on a thorough mastery of the subject.'# and Carl Wittke, Journal of Southern History

Collection: HBJK-History of the Americas,

ISBN: 9780226406336

Paperback / softback

361 pages

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