Black Women in America: Social Science Perspectives

Black Women in America: Social Science Perspectives

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Micheline R. Malson

Emphasizing work that 'frees our imaginations and allows us to conceive new theories, new language, and new questions,' the collection seeks to establish the nature of Afro-American women's experiences while providing a theoretical framework for Black feminist thought. In essays that explore the intersection of work and family, socio-historical literature and critiques, and the relation of Black women to community life, contributors to this volume document Afro-American social and personal struggles and strategies. Individual essays examine family roles, job satisfaction, economic status, and women's traditions in the church. An eloquent introduction to the development of Black feminist thought, Black Women in America encourages the discussion of broader issues, such as the treatment of cultural diversity in American higher education.

ISBN: 9780226502960

348 pages

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