Becoming Anna: The Autobiography of a Sixteen-Year-Old

Becoming Anna: The Autobiography of a Sixteen-Year-Old

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Anna J. Michener

Becoming Anna is the poignant memoir of the first sixteen years in the life of Anna Michener, a young woman who fought a painful battle against her abusive family. Labeled ''crazy girl'' for much of her childhood, Anna suffered physical and emotional damage at the hands of the adults who were supposed to love and protect her. Committed to various mental institutions by her family, at sixteen Anna was finally able to escape her chaotic home life and enter a foster home. As an effort toward recovery and self-affirmation as well as a powerful plea on behalf of other abused children, Anna wrote this memoir while the experience was fresh and the emotions were still raw and unhealed. Her story is a powerful tale of survival.''A teen's raw, in-your-face chronicle of events almost as they were happening. As such, it's unforgettable. . . . Michener's story gives voice to the thousands of children and adolescents trapped in 'the system,' biding their time until their th birthdays. A candid and unstinting tell-all.''--Kirkus Reviews''Extraordinary. . . . Michener's expressive writing does justice to a topic that is clearly very disturbing to her personally and communicates a profoundly important message on behalf of all abused and neglected children.''--Booklist''An important book, painful to read, but essential if other children in similar situations are to be saved.''--Library Journal''An innocent child's account of years in hell and of the terrible wrongs inflicted on children who are without rights or caring advocates.''--Choice''[Michener] emerges as a compelling and courageous advocate for children and their welfare--she's a young writer with an extraordinary voice.''Feminist Bookstore News''Quite simply one of the best, most compelling, well-written autobiographies published in years. . . . Remember the name. We have not heard the last of Anna Michener.''--Myree Whitfield, Melbourne Herald-Sun, cover story

ISBN: 9780226524030

264 pages

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