Huma Bhabha: They Live

Huma Bhabha: They Live

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Author(s): Eva Respini, Carter E. Foster, Ed Halter, Jessica Hong, Shanay Jhaveri, Huma Bhabha, Sterling Ruby

Huma Bhabha is known for sculptures depicting the human figure fashioned from materials ranging from clay, brick and wood to Styrofoam, bronze, found objects and construction materials. Such works reveal her myriad influences, including horror films, science fiction, ancient artifacts, religious reliquaries and Neo-Expressionism. This handsome volume surveys over two decades of Bhabha's innovative sculptures as well as her lesser-known but essential work in drawing, photography and printmaking, all while considering her singular engagement with the human figure. Illustrated essays investigate the artist's prolific and multidisciplinary output, her historical and cultural reference points and her frequent themes, such as war, colonialism, displacement and the memory of home ? in the artist's words, these are ?eternal concerns' found across all cultures. A conversation between Bhabha and American artist Sterling Ruby offers an intimate point of entry into Bhabha's perspectives and artistic practice.

Collection: AB-The arts: general issues,

ISBN: 9780300244762


208 pages

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