Essential McAt

Essential McAt

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Review, Princeton

"The MCAT is a critical part of the medical school admission process, and it tests more than just knowledge of basic physical and biological sciences. Test-takers need all the review they can get to properly prepare for the exam. This new set of flashcards will help students learn and remember the necessary content with in-depth coverage of key biology, organic chemistry, general chemistry, and physics topics. These flashcards are an efficient way to prepare for the MCAT and are portable so students can use them for on-the-go studying. The set includes 2 decks of cards- A physical "content review" deck in the box, with 550 cards organized by subject; and a "drill deck" with 550 additional question cards online (viewable either in "review/study" or "practice" modes)."

ISBN: 9780307946300

1102 pages

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