The Pigeon Pie Mystery

The Pigeon Pie Mystery

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Stuart, Julia

"Julia Stuart follows up her bestselling novel The Tower, the Zoo, and the Tortoise with a clever murder mystery set in Victorian England and brimming with her signature charm, warmhearted romances, and fabulous characters. When Indian Princess Alexandrina is left penniless by the sudden death of her father, Queen Victoria grants her a grace-and-favor home in Hampton Court Palace. Though it's rumored to be haunted, Alexandrina and her lady's maid, Pooki, have no choice but to take the Queen up on her offer, and the princess is soon befriended by three eccentric widows who invite her to a picnic with all the palace's inhabitants. But when General-Major Bagshot dies after eating a pie Pooki made-and the coroner finds traces of arsenic in his body-Pooki becomes the number one suspect in a murder investigation. Not about to let her faithful servant hang, Princess Alexandrina begins an investigation of her own, only to discover that Hampton Court isn't such a safe place to live after all..."

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780307947697

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