Dewey Defeats Truman

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Mallon, Thomas

A masterful retelling of a legend and famous headline of modern American history-Harry Truman's upset victory over Thomas E. Dewey in the 1948 presidential election.

Set in Dewey's hometown of Owosso, Michigan, this is the captivating story of a local love triangle that mirrors the national election contest. As the voters must decide between the candidates, so must Anne Macmurray choose between two suitors- an ardent United Auto Workers organizer and his polar opposite, a wealthy young Republican lawyer who's running for the state senate. Weaving a tapestry of small-town secrets, the people of Owosso ready themselves for the fame that is bound to shower down upon them after Dewey's "sure thing" victory. But as the novel-and history-move toward election night, we watch the townspeople, along with Anne and her suitors, have their fates rearranged in a climax filled with suspense, chagrin and unexpected joy.

ISBN: 9780345805560

368 pages

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