Dance Of Obsession

Dance Of Obsession

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Christie, Olivia

A lavish erotic historical set in 20th century FranceParis, 1935. Devastated by the sudden death of her husband, exotic dancer Georgia d'Essange wants to be left alone to grieve. However, her stepson Dominic has inherited his father's business and demands Georgia's help in running it.The business is an exclusive clube where women of means can indulge their sexual whims with men of their choice and take advantage of the esoteric delights Parisian nightlife has to offer.Dominic soon proves eager to take his father's place but Georgia's first lover, Theo Sands - now a rich, successful artist - appears on the scene. In an atmosphere if increasing sexual tension, can everyone's desires be satisfied?

ISBN: 9780352331014

272 pages

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