Girlflesh Institute

Girlflesh Institute

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Arden, Adriana

A masterpiece of institutional slavery and female dominationProbing the lowest levels of the outwardly respectable London headquarters of Shiller plc, Vanessa Buckingham stumbles into a hidden world of twenty first century slavery. Turned into a living puppet by Shiller's enigmatic director, Vanessa is forced to record every detail of the slave-girls' lives; from intimate psychological testing at the mysterious Fellgrish Institute, through strict training and ultimate submission to the clients who hire them.In the process Vanessa must confront both her own true nature and a terrible dilemma- can there be such a thing as a willing slave? Should she expose Shiller's activities as immoral - or let herself become another commodity in its girlflesh trade?Part of Adriana Arden's 'Girlflesh' series. Titles in this series are The Girlflesh Institute, The Girlflesh Castle and The Girlflesh Captives, all available from Nexus.

ISBN: 9780352341013

272 pages

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