Sindi in Silk

Sindi in Silk

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Celbridge, Yolanda

After the destruction of most of the northern world in a long-forgotten war, Madagascar survives as the most powerful country on Earth. Silk stockings become the most precious currency, which only bare-breasted noblewomen and vampire girl slaves are allowed to wear. Sindi, having been a whip-wielding mistress, herself becomes enslaved, and a smuggler of illicit stockings from Zanzibar. The prince of Madagascar is victorious in the war against his twin brother, the prince of Zanzibar -- but both men fall in love with her. And when it is time for the victor to choose a princess, only the girl whose legs fit the one pair of silk stockings, from the old times, will do. It is Sindi. She becomes Whip mistress of the Islands, Princesse du Fouet, and Dame des Bas Sacres, Lady of the Sacred Stockings.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780352341020

256 pages

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