Lust Bites

Lust Bites

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Da Costa, Portia

Three novellas about love, lust and the supernaturalZachary Trevelyan is a vampire but a mishap involving kisses and necks leads him to fall in love with his best friend, Teresa. And not only that, he really wants to bite herFor centuries, Billy has been yearning for the woman he accidentally killed as a novice vampire in Constantinople. Now she's back, reborn as Esther, the explorer. Exiled in the Arctic, Billy is already battling his lust to devour her all over again.The only way that Merle Cobalt can save her father's life is to spend twenty five days living with renegade vampire Darius Cole. But vampires are known for their mind controlling powers and Merle knows that after spending so long with Cole her free will might become a thing of the past.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780352341532

288 pages

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