Lying in Mid-Air

Lying in Mid-Air

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Tourney, Anne

Lauryn is a business consultant who spends half her life on airplanes, traveling from one boring industrial complex to another. She longs to visit exotic cities for adventure and romance, but her evil boss is making sure that her assignments are as dull as dirt. Chloe is a graduate student with a passion for translating Japanese love poetry; she dreams about leading an erotic double life in Tokyo, but her fear of flying keeps her earthbound. Veronica fantasises about starting her own escort service for goth chicks, while working as a shoeshine girl at the airport.These three very different women have two things in common- their dreams are deadlocked, and they're about to fall for the same irresistible liar.Joel is a freelance journalist who loves women as much as he loves traveling. Lately, he always seems to be between stories, which may be why he's inventing so many about himself. His alternate personalities are proving remarkably successful at winning the attention of three very sexy women-trouble is, he's falling in love with all of them. With everyone juggling multiple identities, whose fantasies will actually come true?

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780352345455

256 pages

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