Night Thoughts

Night Thoughts

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Arvio, Sarah

As a young woman, threatened by disturbing visions, Arvio went into psychoanalysis to save herself. The result is a riveting sequence of dream poems, followed by oNotes.o The poems, in the form of irregular sonnets, describe her dreamworld- a realm of beauty and terror emblazoned with recurring colors and images-gold, blood red, robin's-egg blue, snakes, swarms of razors, suitcases, playing cards, a catwalk. The Notes, also exquisitely readable, unfold the meaning of the dreams-as told to her analyst-and recount the enlightening and sometimes harrowing process of unlocking memories, starting with the diaries she burned to make herself forget. Arvio's explorations lead her back to her younger self-and to a life-changing understanding that will fascinate readers.

An utterly original work of art and a groundbreaking portrayal of the power of dream interpretation to resolve psychic distress, this stunning book illumines the poetic logic of the dreaming mind; it also shows us, with surpassing poignancy, how tender and fragile is the mind of an adolescent girl.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9780375712227

192 pages

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